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Bundle 2: Continents Preschool Packs

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This bundle of printable activities can be used to supplement your continent themes or units for preschoolers. It's also great for special ed and second language learners.


Included in this bundle:

Africa Preschool Pack

Asia Preschool Pack

Australia Preschool Pack

Europe Preschool Pack

North America Preschool Pack

South America Preschool Pack

Penguins Preschool Pack (Use during your study of Antarctica)


Each product in this bundle has the following activities: 

1. Sort by Color: Use these cards to sort by color. The 3 primary and 3 secondary colors are used. Color word cards are included.  

2. Sort by Size: Sort Big/Large, Medium, Small/Little. Labels are included.

3. The Question Game: This is a great oral language development activity. Children use inferencing skills to determine the item based on clues.

4. Following Directions: This is another great activity for early oral language development. Children have to follow a sequence of simple directions. Three difficulty levels are included: 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step directions.

5. Shadow Matching: Add this to your picture matching shelf. Match a picture to its shadow.

6. Categories: Sort photographs into the appropriate categories

7. Prepositions Game:Use these cards to learn about positional words like above, below, beside, on, behind, in front of.

8. Cutting Exercise: A few different difficulty levels of scissor cutting exercises are included: Beginner, cutting straight lines, cutting wavy lines, cutting zigzags and cutting 90 degree corners

9. 0-10 Number Cards: Use these number cards for a variety of activities to practice Numbers 0-10. Blank cards are also included if you would like to add additional numbers (this is a great option if you want to use these as calendar cards)

10. Number Clip Cards: Number clip cards are another fun way to practice numbers 0-10. Count the pictures on the card and clip the correct number with a clothespin.


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