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Bundle 1: Continents A-Z

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This bundle includes the A-Z Montessori Packs for all 7 Continents.

Products Included: 

Africa A-Z Montessori Pack

Antarctica A-Z Montessori Pack

Asia A-Z Montessori Pack

Australia A-Z Montessori Pack

Europe A-Z Montessori Pack

North America A-Z Montessori Pack

South America A-Z Montessori Pack

This bundle suitable for PreK-1 but can easily be adapted for 2nd and 3rd grades as well. It features photographs and easy to read font. If you are a Montessori teacher, this will really round out your continent boxes and unit studies!

In all of my Continent A-Z packs, I have tried hard to provide a wide range of representative photographs in order to give students a sense of the luscious, rich diversity of our beautiful planet. Not only do these packs represent the diversity of the continent, but they also represent each letter of the alphabet.

The photos are of things ranging from animals and plants to biomes to clothing and food and sports. I often show iconic things like traditional dancers as well as average day to day things such as children and their pets. I do my best to avoid stereotypical images and try to touch upon many different regions and cultures within the continent.

The activities in this bundle are designed to be used by individuals or in small groups. You can use these card materials to introduce each continent to your students and then place them on the shelf or in centers for the children to explore. Montessori classrooms will be familiar with the use of most of these activities such as the 3-part cards and the “parts-of” nomenclature cards.

These printables work particularly well in a writing center. Students can examine the photos and write lists or reports about what they see. Younger students will enjoy matching the photographs and learning new vocabulary. This is also a fantastic pack to add to your letter work. Once students have learned the vocabulary, have them sort by initial letter/sound.

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The possibilities for using a pack of this type are endless. Each of the Continent Packs in this bundle include the following activities

1. A-Z non-fiction book: Photos and short descriptions for things from that continent for each letter of the alphabet (short vowels). The Asia, Europe, and South America packs also include clipart versions of the book for low-ink printing.

2. A-Z Matching Cards: Photographs and one word labels. Print two copies to make 3-part cards or matching cards.

3. Phonetic Reading Sentences:9 phonetically decodable sentences each to go with pictures from each continent. The sentences do include a few basic sight words but the majority of the words are decodable and your intermediate readers will have success with these.

4. Living & Non-Living Sorting Cards:Photos of plants, animals, and natural and manmade landmarks from each continent.

5. Plant & Animal Sorting Cards:: Sort photos of plants and animals typically found on each continent.

6. Parts of an Animal: Make a set of 3-part nomenclature cards of animals such as the Lion (Africa), Toucan (South America), Kangaroo (Australia) Penguin (Antarctica), Badger (Europe), Turkey (North America) and Peacock (Asia). The cards also come with a book describing the various parts as well as a blackline master that can be used to make student booklets.

7. Biomes of each continent:Photographic 3-part cards of the various climate regions on each continent (except Antarctica).


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