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Ecology Mini Unit

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 Ecology Mini Unit

This set is suitable for ages 4-9. Please download the preview to get a closer look at the activities included.



1. Ecology Non-Fiction Book: Features real photos and informational text for the following terms: ecology, biome, habitat, climate, ecosystem, food web, predator, biodiversity, evolution, symbiosis, endangered, sustainable, pollution.

2. Ecology Mini Book: A black and white clipart version of the non-fiction book. This can be used by students to make their own booklets.

3. Scavenger hunt: Get outside and find these items in nature

4. Living and Non Living Category Sorting

5. 7 Rs Poster 

6. Ecology Poem A simple chant for oral language development

7. Symbiosis Matching Cards Learn how some organisms work together.

8. Ecology Writing/Conversation Prompts Use these photos and prompts for composition activities or oral language development.

9. Biomes of the World 5-Part Cards and Poster Includes photos, clipart, and blacklines.  Polar ice cap, tundra, taiga, alpine, temperate forest, tropical forest, grassland, shrubland, desert, ocean

10. Food Web Group Activity Learn how the organisms in a pond are connected to each other

11. Food Web Matching Puzzle A simple puzzle of a wetland food web

12. Trophic Level Pyramid Sort the organisms according to their trophic level (energy from the sun > eats only plants > eats herbivores > eats carnivores > no natural predators)

13. Let's Compost! Board Game and Poster A cooperative board game that involves counting and matching


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